Niamh Barry | sculptural lamp design

2022-03-30 11:54

Niamh Barry was born in Berlin. After graduating from the Irish National Academy of art and design in 1991, he founded his own studio and has been engaged in lamp design for more than 10 years.

△ Niamh Barry

She draws inspiration from human movement and nature, breaks the Convention and draws various materials, giving her works a different kind of vitality.

Niamh's works can be sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the practicability can no longer be used to measure her works. It is more like a luminous sculpture, giving people a pure sense of beauty.

There are hundreds of models on her workbench, from which a preliminary idea is formed in her brain. The final idea is formed by adding and deleting elements, and then transferred to the 3D model.

 △ 工作台

New technologies such as computer programmed lasers and drawing programs have also helped her make her works more perfect.

Her works have gradually gained worldwide recognition, and now she has become one of the most popular designers in the field of lighting.

So what do these art like lamps look like? Let's have a look!

Artist's Hand

 This lamp is made of polished bronze and glass, and its ribbon like shape makes it more flexible.


 Musicality consists of four dark ellipses arranged horizontally. After 840 hours of production, it finally appeared in front of people.

 The lamp is inspired by "muscle contraction". The four ellipses face different directions, reminiscent of curved muscles.

The warm golden interior and embedded mirror polished plate emit delicate and unique light.

Touch Vessel

This lamp presents a deformed ellipse, and the internal light is presented in the form of aperture, expressing an implicit and warm aesthetic feeling.

The bronze surface has depressions and is embedded with polished mirrors to reflect light.

Black Poise

 Barry's black poise consists of three dark ellipses connected in series by closed curves.

 Break through the creativity and excellent quality of traditional lamps. After reading, you can only say that it is expensive. Although you may not be able to afford it, it is also excellent to improve the aesthetics.